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About Us

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Bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue. Since 2016.

SustainabilityX® was first founded in 2016 through a corporate intrapreneurial initiative at Belnor Engineering by Supriya Verma, an award-winning social entrepreneur and one of Canada's Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability Leadership. The initiative later expanded and spun out into an internationally-recognized, award-winning Canadian non-profit social business, SPSX Group Of Industries, a digital media group focusing on sustainable development, with The SustainabilityX® Magazine and its various digital media offerings being offered as products under the social enterprise.


With the increasing amount of climate change awareness around the world, it is important for everyone to understand what climate change is, its economic and environmental impacts, and what we as citizens of Planet Earth can do to play our role.

How can we address climate change? What can we do to help minimize our carbon footprint?

What policies and regulations can we implement, modify, or declare obsolete for a sustainable future?

How will this impact the local economy? How about the global economy?

How can we empower others to make a difference?

And most importantly, how can we wield the wand of “innovation” to make this all happen?

To answer this, SustainabilityX® was born.

This initiative seeks to explore how to effectively bring the environment and economy together through intellectual dialogue and discussion among individuals in all sectors with a strong interest in sustainability.

The goal is to take an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to untangling the intricate web of sustainability.

Whether you have a background in science, engineering, business, politics, or law, your voice matters.

Identifying the diverse factors involved in sustainability, how they interact, and how the disciplines are interconnected will only help accelerate local, national, and international sustainability goals — in simpler words, bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future.

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