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Announcing New Sustainability Consulting Services: Now Available!

We are thrilled to introduce our new sustainability consulting services, expanding our mission to foster a sustainable future through both dialogue and action. As a trusted non-profit digital initiative, we have always been dedicated to bridging the gap between the environment and the economy. Now, we are taking our commitment a step further by offering expert consulting services designed to help organizations implement sustainable practices and strategies.

In line with our dedication to advancing women in leadership, we are proud to offer specialized consulting services for women in sustainable business and women-owned sustainable enterprises. Our goal is to empower women to lead the charge in sustainability, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to succeed.

Stay tuned as we release more information about our new consulting services and discover how we can help your organization thrive sustainably. Together, we can create a future where the environment and economy coexist harmoniously, driven by informed dialogue and actionable solutions.

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Announcing New Podcast "Women Shaping Our Future": Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast, "Women Shaping Our Future"! This podcast, hosted by our founder, Supriya Verma, is dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the voices of women who are making significant strides in sustainability, social justice, and environmental advocacy, with a special focus on sustainable business and leadership.

Hear from women who are leading the charge in various fields, from environmental science to social entrepreneurship. Our guests share their journeys, challenges, and the impact they are making in sustainable business and leadership.

"Women Shaping Our Future" is more than just a podcast; it’s a movement. Each episode brings you inspiring stories, expert insights, and actionable advice from women leaders who are at the forefront of sustainable development and business innovation. Whether you are passionate about climate action, social equity, or pioneering sustainable business practices, this podcast is for you.

Stay tuned for the first episode coming soon, and subscribe now to never miss an update!

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Nominations Now Closed! The SustainabilityX® Magazine Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2024

In a world clamouring for change, bold leadership is not just welcomed—it's necessary. The SustainabilityX® Magazine is thrilled to announce the call for nominations for the 3rd annual Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2024, under the exhilarating theme "Embrace Boldness." This initiative seeks to honour women who are at the forefront of sustainability, women who dare to lead, innovate, and inspire.

Reflecting on the power of such leadership, Supriya Verma, the visionary founder of The SustainabilityX® Magazine and celebrated as one of Canada's Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability Leadership, shares, "Now is the moment for bold leadership. The unique challenges and opportunities of our times demand that women at the forefront of sustainability wield their influence unabashedly. Their bold visions and decisive actions are the cornerstones upon which a sustainable and equitable future will be built."

Nominations for trailblazing female sustainability leaders for The SustainabilityX® Magazine Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2024 are now closed. Stay tuned for the results in Fall 2024!

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Emeritus + The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Course Partnership

The world is changing rapidly & the need for sustainability professionals is growing at an unprecedented pace. It’s essential to have the right skills to make a meaningful impact in the sustainability field while avoiding “competence-washing”. We’ve partnered with Emeritus to offer courses that will genuinely help develop your skills & avoid falling prey to “greenwashing”. Enroll now by visiting our dedicated Emeritus + The SustainabilityX® Magazine website.



The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Memberships

The SustainabilityX® Magazine is an award-winning, digital, female-founded, and female-led non-profit initiative bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue. Show your support for independent, high-impact publications by becoming a subscribing member and help power international conversations that matter.


Join for free or get unlimited digital access to the world's most trusted exclusive sustainability magazine with a global, interdisciplinary focus for just $2.99 a month, or subscribe annually and get two months free!

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The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Book Summaries

Providing key insights from the best books in sustainability, ESG, climate, management, and leadership for a sustainable future featuring authors from around the world. Only on #SustainabilityXTV on YouTube.

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