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JULY 2023

"Steering the Course: Embracing Sustainable Business and Financial Leadership"

"In this edition, our central theme this month revolves around the symbiotic relationship between business, finance, leadership, and sustainability. We explore how the fusion of these elements paves the way for robust, resilient, and responsible organizations. From the boardroom to the factory floor, we'll delve into how adopting sustainable practices can fundamentally transform businesses, fortify their financial performance, and positively influence their corporate culture. 


Sustainability is no longer a mere addition to the portfolio of corporate social responsibility; it is an integral part of strategic decision-making, risk management, and the path to maintaining a competitive edge. And it is the role of strong, foresighted leadership to champion this cause, embedding sustainability into the very fabric of their organizations."

- Supriya Verma, Excerpt From Letter From The Founder, July 2023





The SustainabilityX® Magazine Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2023

As the world confronts the immense challenge of climate change, the importance of women in sustainability and climate leadership is more important than ever. That's why The SustainabilityX® Magazine’s inaugural Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2022 was launched.


Building on last year’s tremendous success, the internationally acclaimed digital awards will once again celebrate trailblazing women from around the world for a second time. In response to public demand, the final deadline to submit an award entry had been officially extended from May 31st to an absolute final deadline of June 8.

The submission period for 2023 is now officially closed. Please stay tuned for further updates leading up to the release date in Fall 2023. The submission period for 2024 will re-open in February. 

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Emeritus + The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Course Partnership

The world is changing rapidly & the need for sustainability professionals is growing at an unprecedented pace. It’s essential to have the right skills to make a meaningful impact in the sustainability field while avoiding “competence-washing”. We’ve partnered with Emeritus to offer courses that will genuinely help develop your skills & avoid falling prey to “greenwashing”. Enroll now by visiting our dedicated Emeritus + The SustainabilityX® Magazine website.



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The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Memberships

The SustainabilityX® Magazine is an award-winning, digital, female-founded, and female-led non-profit initiative bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue. Show your support for independent, high-impact publications by becoming a subscribing member and help power international conversations that matter.


Join for free or get unlimited digital access to the world's most trusted exclusive sustainability magazine with a global, interdisciplinary focus for just $2.99 a month, or subscribe annually and get two months free!

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The SustainabilityX® Magazine Job Board

In light of the recent (and insensitive) massive layoffs in tech and beyond, we are proud to announce the launch of our new sustainability jobs board featuring the best management and consulting roles from around the world in sustainability, climate, CSR, and ESG, made possible only by our dedicated subscribing members and partners, designed to help those affected (or want to switch to a more fulfilling role) by  finding meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities while making a difference and creating impact to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. View it now to both post jobs or find jobs and join the talent collective

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The SustainabilityX® Magazine: Book Summaries

Providing key insights from the best books in sustainability, ESG, climate, management, and leadership for a sustainable future featuring authors from around the world. Only on #SustainabilityXTV on YouTube.

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