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How To Naturally Improve The Air Quality In Your Office

We tend to overlook how indoor air quality can impact productivity in the office

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It is common to associate cleanliness with health and productivity in the workplace. However, we tend to overlook how indoor air quality can impact productivity in the office.

In case you do not know, the air we breathe can affect our physical and mental health. It can even affect the office equipment. Therefore, one should be more mindful of the indoor air quality in the workplace.

That said, here are some ways you can naturally improve air quality in the office.

Check Your Ventilation System

Your HVAC and ventilation system is one of the more significant factors that affect the cleanliness of your indoor air. Therefore, you have to check up on your HVAC and ventilation system regularly. Otherwise, you might not notice that both of these aren’t working as they should be, and you’re spending money on something that’s not helping your office.

Nowadays, a quality ventilation system has become more critical for the safety and wellness of everyone working in the office. Thus, you have to stay on top of your ventilation system’s maintenance. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all that often. You need only to have it checked professionally once a year.

However, should there be any issues, you might need frequent monitoring for a while until things are settled.

Monitor Moisture Control

By improving the air quality in the office, you should also keep the moisture and humidity levels in mind. Although you don’t want your office to be dry as a bone, you should still have the appropriate moisture and humidity levels and not go too overboard.

If your office has too much moisture in the air, biological contaminants will linger. They can grow and cultivate in a moist environment.

On the other hand, humidity in the office can make people uncomfortable. That’s because it can affect people’s health through dry eyes, sinus and throat issues, and more. Thus, you want to make sure things are balanced.

Clean the Office Thoroughly and Regularly

Many things can affect the indoor air quality of the office. But if there’s one thing you should keep an eye out for, that would be office cleanliness.

At Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, we know that a dirty office has poor indoor air quality. Therefore, you should ensure that you have the office thoroughly cleaned and maintain that cleanliness regularly. Otherwise, you’ll be compromising not only the air quality but the overall sanitation of the workplace.

You can do it yourself with in-house staff or hire professional cleaners to do it for you every week. What’s important is that you get it done regularly to ensure that dust, dirt, and germ build-up is as unlikely as possible.

Replace Air Filter Frequently

Air filters are responsible for catching any potential pollutant and allergen that could enter your office at any time. Therefore, if your air filters are clogged up, that makes them less effective in their jobs.

Aside from that, that also means that they might be less effective at heating up or cooling down your office. With that said, if you regularly clean and check on your air filters, you should replace them at least once every four months.

It all depends on how fast your air filters get dirty, but three to four times a year is pretty standard.

The larger your office is and the more employees there are, though, the more often you’re probably going to need to replace your air filters.

Restrict Smoking in the Office Area

You can’t control the habits, negative or positive, of your employees. However, it’s best to prohibit your employees from smoking anywhere in the office area.

Even if they may be using cigarette alternatives like e-cigarettes, you should still prohibit smoking in the office area. These e-cigarettes are simply introducing new contaminants like flavor and fragrance additives.

When restricting smoking in the office area, you want to ensure that the rules are as straightforward as possible. That way, there won’t be any misunderstandings that can lead to interpersonal issues in the workplace.

Use Natural Air Fresheners

Using artificial air fresheners isn’t as “fresh” as you think they are. Instead, you’re simply spraying a different type of chemical to coat the harmful chemicals and hide them away. It would be best to opt for natural air fresheners instead to ensure good air quality.

When you’re looking for natural air fresheners, make sure to read reviews beforehand. Some companies only claim to be all-natural when they’re not.

Also, it’s best to invest in air fresheners that neutralize instead of adding fragrances to get rid of unwanted smells. After all, some people may be sensitive to these scents.

Keep Your Rugs and Carpets Clean

Rugs and carpets can store a lot of dust and dirt. Plus, having dirty rugs and carpets in the office can make your office look dull and depressing. It can even seem unprofessional.

Therefore, you should make sure that you get your rugs and carpets as clean as possible as often as possible.

You can hire professional rug and carpet cleaners, especially if your office is fully carpeted. They’ll be able to do the task faster and more thoroughly that way.

You should also invest in good-quality vacuum cleaners for everyday use to avoid build-up over the week.

Get Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are among the best additions to any place because of their beautifying effect no matter what style you may opt to have in the office. Aside from sprucing up a space, indoor plants also serve the additional job of being active and natural air purifiers.

The more plants you have, the more air gets filtered and purified. As long as the plants aren’t in the way of your work and you’re able to care for them, they’re going to be a worthwhile addition.

Don’t forget to get indoor plants that can thrive in the shade. That way, you don’t have to worry if you do not have enough windows or you tend to forget to water your plants.

The tips listed above can help improve air quality in the office. By prioritizing indoor air quality, everyone can breathe a little easier once they enter the workplace. Thus, investing in air quality improvement efforts is always worthwhile.


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