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Need a Sustainability Professional? Grow One

How Companies Can Cultivate Sustainability Talent Within: Thought Leadership by #SustXGlobal50 Awardee Daniela Schaff, Head of Sustainability, Wisk, United States

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In this thought leadership article, "Need a Sustainability Professional? Grow One," Daniela Schaff, Head of Sustainability, Wisk, and a recipient of The SustainabilityX® Magazine Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards™ 2023 highlights the critical demand for sustainability experts in today's corporate landscape. Highlighting the personal journey from a supply chain position to a pivotal role in sustainability, the author sheds light on the untapped potential within organizations to develop green talent. Drawing from firsthand experience, she outlines a practical blueprint for companies to identify and nurture individuals passionate about sustainability, regardless of their current roles. By promoting from within, offering learning opportunities, and creating a supportive environment for innovation and growth, businesses can address the growing skills gap in the green sector. This strategy not only enriches the company's sustainability efforts but also contributes to a more engaged and loyal workforce. With the demand for green skills doubling the supply over the last five years, she emphasizes the urgency of fostering sustainability talent to meet the environmental challenges of our time and advance towards a sustainable future.


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