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Going Green In A World Devastated By Climate Change

We don’t always make the most conscious decisions every single day, but going green has never been so important as of late

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Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

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The consequences of our wasteful ways of living are finally catching up and having a serious impact on the world. The state that we currently live in didn’t happen overnight, and, as such, we don’t need to go on a frenzy of change to repair the damage. Step by step, people can make a difference.

That is how we ended up in our current environmental situation, and this is how we can overcome it. However, changing our habits is a required step for executing real change. Change is subtle. A little difference today, two changes tomorrow, and a snowball effect takes place.

Nevertheless, the quickest way to raise awareness is through actions — especially by those that have the most eyes set on them.

If businesses start to think a little bit more in an environment-friendly manner, their employees will follow and take that behavior home.

Their families will get accustomed and share the same principles. Customers will be intrigued and delighted. “This company cares” is what they will take away from it.

Why not be a cornerstone in people’s lives?

This is a question many businesses consider in light of developing a “green” approach.

However, many businesses take a step back as “going green” is usually perceived to be too costly, time-consuming, and troubling.

Realistically, however, the path to going green isn’t full of hurdles and obstacles, as per the widespread common belief.

Small differences can deliver massive results. There is no need for big, sudden efforts while starting off on the road to a sustainable business.

Here are some small steps individuals and organizations can take towards a green and sustainable business:

CFL or LED lights

They might be more expensive at first than regular lights. In the long run, however, they are far more efficient, greener, and cheaper. They last longer and save up energy! If you are afraid of the initial high-value cost, just remember that long-term it will pay for itself.

Biodegradable products

Regular cleaning products are full of dangerous toxins and chemicals that start to add up against our health. Why not a more environmentally friendly option? Nowadays, they aren’t as pricy and are easy to find! Still suspicious? Try it out next time you are stocking up for cleaning supplies and check out firsthand the difference. Some worthy, but inexpensive products that you might consider are Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds or BioKleen.

Encourage carpools or public transportation

Why not reward your employees for taking a greener approach? Offer incentives or small rewards. Build a bonus system in the structure of your company. Doesn’t need to be costly. A system where people feel appreciated for their deeds yields better results. Don’t know what to offer? What about an extra 30 minutes during the lunch hour? Or, if your company can afford it, a small bonus at the end of the month for those that managed to go green the entire month? And it doesn’t have to be hard cash. Coupons or vouchers work just fine. It will look good for your business and you will improve their team-building skills.

Eco-friendly paper

This is one of the first easy steps on the quest for a greener firm. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important to take. From this point, you can scale to packaging and other paper products. A slow transition is easier to accomplish and get accustomed to. If everyone would reduce their waste and recycle paper alone, the impact would be enormous.

Promote eco-friendly campaigns

Aside from helping the environment and raising awareness on this hot topic, your business will be seen as an eco-friendly and conscious firm. Help local environmental groups, help them get established, support their cause. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Marketing never hurts, but being the good guy in a pressing matter is certainly an excellent form of marketing.