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Marina Tran-Vu: Pioneering a Sustainable Revolution with EQUO

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change: The SustainabilityX® Magazine's Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards 2023 Awardee

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"Being recognized in the Global 50 Women awards is an immense honor, especially considering the challenges of starting our business during COVID. Personally, it fills me with pride and validation as a woman leader. Professionally, it opens new opportunities, enhances our company's brand and credibility, and allows us to expand our solution to more parts of the world. This recognition showcases our commitment to sustainability and proves that being a sole-female founder doesn't hinder success or impact. Despite statistics and sentiments suggesting otherwise, we've shown that great achievements and making a difference are entirely possible as a women-run sustainable business." - Marina Tran-Vu, Founder & CEO, EQUO, Vietnam

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