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Meet Freya Williams: A Visionary Leader Transforming Business for a Sustainable Future

Her Impactful Journey of Championing Sustainability: The SustainabilityX® Magazine's Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards 2023 Awardee

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"It's crucially important to raise up the work of female sustainability leaders. This can be hard, emotionally challenging work because many of us hold ourselves accountable not just to traditional professional KPIs but to that much harder metric: have we helped change the world for the better? So it's important to pause and reflect on what we have achieved and on what has gone right, to celebrate each other and to rally around one another as a community. I really believe that when we raise up one female leader, we help raise all. I'm grateful to be acknowledged with this award, to the clients who trust me as their partner and with whom I love plotting ways to drive change, to everyone who has read my book and supported my work. There is so much more work to be ahead of us, but we should absolutely allow ourselves a little moment of joy. After all, it's a marathon, not a sprint." - Freya Williams, Founder, Green Giants Etc,, United States

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