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Meet Michelle Benavides: Empowering Sustainable Futures Through Leadership

Her Pioneering Role in Sustainability and Gender Equality: The SustainabilityX® Magazine's Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards 2023 Awardee

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"As a woman who made the choice to continue pursuing my career while raising my daughter, this award acknowledges the sacrifices that myself and my support system made along the way. This also validates what my daughter has always believed — that her mom “works for the earth”. I hope she grows up to see that her mom’s work truly made a difference for her future and the future of other children. Finally, this award aligns with ISSP's mission and affirms growth in the sustainability field, while emphasizing the need to connect and advance women leaders dedicated to this work." - Michelle Benavides, Executive Director, International Society of Sustainability Professionals, United States

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