Sustainable Lifestyle Habits That Improve The Quality Of The Environment’s Air Supply

As countries enjoy a noticeable increase in cleaner air, here’s how we can continue to look after the globe’s air supply

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The air quality has been in the headlines recently, as countries enjoy a noticeable increase in cleaner air and a dramatic drop in nitrogen dioxide due to the pandemic. In recent years, the impact of poor air quality has been at the forefront of a conscious shift towards more sustainable living. For businesses, poor air quality costs them up to USD 48 million on days when ozone pollution is 10 percent worse than usual. For consumers, The Economic Consequences of Air Pollution estimates healthcare costs will rise to USD 176 billion by 2026 as more people experience respiratory conditions, cardiac complications, and even dementia. With everyone looking for ways to combat climate change and ensure the future of the planet, it is more important than ever that communities begin to take active steps to lead a more sustainable life and look after the globe’s air supply. In short, when it comes to air, everyone is at risk, which means everyone from businesses to governments to civilians need to step up and take action.

Stay On Top Of Your Cleaning Schedule With A HEPA Vacuum

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are three strategies for improving air quality. The first one: source control. Eliminating sources of air pollution means there is less chance of them affecting the air quality. This includes regularly removing allergens and pollutants that may compromise air quality through regular cleaning of your home or business premises.

A recent report in the Harvard Health Publishing Journal recommends focusing on surfaces or places that are more prone to attracting dust, dander, or allergens such as your curtains, carpets, or bedsheets. For your carpets, aim to vacuum at least once a week using a HEPA filter. According to experts, HEPA filters remove 99.97 percent of pollen, while some HEPA filter models are washable using just cold water — perfect for improving sustainability in the home or workplace. Alternatively, there are also other sustainable air purifier options, including activated charcoal bags made from the stems of bamboo trees. They are great for reducing airborne particles like pet dander, and come with a long renewal life, making them highly sustainable.




Swap Your Household Cleaners To Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Your choice of cleaning products could also be compromising air quality. Instead of using chemical cleaners, opt for eco-friendly ways to improve your air quality, such as switching to all-natural or eco-friendly cleaning products. Many traditional cleaning products release harmful toxins like volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air every time they are used. So, while you may think you are removing pollutants from your home, you may also be unknowingly compromising the air quality at the same time.

Check Your Ventilation And Leaks

A final sustainable move you can make to improve air quality in your home is to eliminate any breeding ground for mold. This includes checking your home or workplace has adequate ventilation. At home, focus on the areas most prone to moisture and humidity, such as the shower or kitchen. Aim to open the windows at least once a day if possible.

Also, check your taps and plumbing for any signs of leaks. The buildup of moisture is a prime cause of mold growth, and if left unaddressed, this can cause severe damage to the building structure and your respiratory health. On the sustainable front, fixing those leaks sooner rather than later helps to reduce water waste and conserve a valuable natural resource.

It is everyone’s responsibility to play a role in protecting our environment, including the air we breathe every day. Luckily, there are simple ways that everyone can consciously work to keep the air pure and of good quality. Best of all, they can all be started today.


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