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Three Office Upgrades Your Business Can Make To Boost Your Eco Credentials

Enhancing Sustainability: Innovative Office Solutions for a Greener Future

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This article explores three essential upgrades that businesses can implement in their office spaces to enhance their ecological credentials and contribute to a greener planet. These upgrades include promoting greener commuting options like bike storage and electric vehicle charging stations, installing eco-friendly utilities such as heat pumps, and transitioning to paperless operations to reduce paper waste. Each of these steps not only helps in reducing the environmental impact but also aligns with the broader goal of corporate social responsibility by encouraging sustainable practices both inside and outside the office.


On the path to net zero, everyone has a part to play. We’re all encouraged to lead greener lifestyles at home, but what can be done in the office? Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the power of their social responsibility – after all, corporations, however large or small, have the potential to make a huge impact on the environment, be it positive or negative.

Despite the recent shift to more hybrid and remote working arrangements, shared office spaces are still vital to lots of modern companies worldwide. So, what can be done to upgrade these facilities and reduce a company’s impact on the planet? Here are three key things to consider.

Encourage greener commutes

Businesses have a moral obligation to make it as easy as possible for employees to make sustainable choices at work. This obligation doesn’t begin when they step into the office – rather when they step out their front door. If your policy determines that employees must spend time in a central office each week, owners should commit to encouraging greener commutes to help reduce both the business’ and employees’ carbon footprints.

On-site, this could mean installing safe bike storage facilities, as well as showers and changing rooms to encourage more staff to cycle. Or, ensure there are EV charging stations installed on the premises – electrifying your car park is also a good opportunity to upgrade your fleet of company cars. Any modifications you make that promote greener commuting will be a step in the right direction for boosting your company’s eco credentials.

Install eco utilities

Heating/cooling appliances are often some of the biggest offenders when it comes to the carbon footprints of commercial spaces. There are lots of ways you can cut down on the emissions produced by these systems, and often the best course of action is to simply use them less. However, when you need to heat and cool such vast spaces, sometimes this isn’t an option. Instead, you should turn to more eco-friendly devices.




There are lots of options on the market that could help you make vast savings on energy, both in terms of money and emissions. One of the most accessible and effective options is a heat pump. These devices can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, and work by extracting heat from the air outside and transferring it to your office spaces. Since they’re able to generate more energy than they use, heat pumps are extremely efficient and are an excellent way to cut carbon emissions when heating your office.

If you’re leasing and aren’t in a position to make physical changes to your internal systems, consider switching to a renewable energy provider, or a green energy tariff. This will give you peace of mind that a portion of the energy you use is coming from eco-friendly sources.

Go paperless

There’s no question that the business world is becoming increasingly digitized, but paper waste remains a key concern. According to statistics, American offices use more than 12 trillion sheets of paper annually. And, with a single tree producing around 10,000 sheets of paper, a simple sum shows us that millions upon millions of trees are lost unnecessarily due to paper use and wastage.

Creating a paperless office won’t happen overnight. However, by implementing the necessary technology (such as cloud storage solutions and scanners), you’ll gradually become less reliant on physical documents, helping to vastly reduce business waste. Beyond the eco benefits, going paperless can also help to make daily processes more efficient, freeing up workers’ time that would’ve been spent handling paperwork.


About The SustainabilityX® Magazine

The SustainabilityX® Magazine is an award-winning, digital, female-founded, and female-led non-profit initiative bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue. Founded on May 8, 2016 and inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability Leadership awardee, Supriya Verma, the digital media initiative focuses on approaching the world’s most pressing challenges with a holistic, integrated, systems-based perspective as opposed to the traditional and ineffective siloed approach with a single lens on interdisciplinary topics like climate and energy. This initiative ultimately seeks to explore how to effectively bring the environment and economy together through intellectual, insightful dialogue and thought-provoking discussion amongst individuals across sectors taking an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to untangling the intricate web of sustainability.

The SustainabilityX® Magazine is based upon the four pillars of sustainability: Environmental Stewardship which emphasizes improved environmental health, Economic Prosperity which emphasizes economic growth without the element of capitalism, Social Inclusion which emphasizes EDI for BIPOC and LGBTQ communities and marginalized, vulnerable populations, and Just Governance which emphasizes the equal rule of law via responsible political leadership to create fair systems for all. Identifying the diverse factors involved in sustainability, how they interact and how the disciplines are interconnected will help accelerate local, national, and international sustainability goals – in simpler words, aligning with The SustainabilityX® Magazine’s mission of bringing the environment and economy together for a sustainable future through dialogue for a sustainable future. Whether you have a background in science, engineering, business, law, politics, media and entertainment, or beyond, your voice matters.

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