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Make Your Home Welcoming, Clean, And Kind To Nature

As most people spend more time at home, it makes perfect sense to keep buildings as pollutant-free as possible in the most nature-friendly manner

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Photo by furkanfdemir from Pexels


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North Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, mostly in their homes and offices, and 6% in an enclosed vehicle. Most people are unaware that contaminants are two to five times higher indoors as a consequence of energy-efficient building construction and greater use of synthetic building materials, furnishing, personal care products, pesticides, and household cleaners. As most people spend more time at home, it makes perfect sense to keep buildings as pollutant-free as possible in the most nature-friendly manner. Using sustainable products to keep your home clean and beautiful will not only be beneficial to your family’s health and wellness, but it’s also kinder to the planet, especially now that sea levels are rising and the weather is in disarray. Here are some products you can use that are environmentally friendly and can still maintain your home’s aesthetics and cleanliness.

Creating An Eco-Friendly Yet Welcoming Ambiance

Start with putting house plants around your home. Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and can boost mood as well. They also bring life to the overall interior décor. Draw those curtains and let the sunshine in. Natural light enhances the body’s circadian rhythm and gives you better sleep. Candles, meanwhile, give your home a calm and welcoming ambiance, and scented ones are also beneficial to your health. However, they are also a source of indoor pollution, especially if you’re using candles made of paraffin wax, which releases the highly toxic carcinogens, benzene, and toluene. Shift to soy candles that smell great and are made from toxin-free ingredients in order to protect your health while you’re using candles to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.




Keeping It Clean

Use cloth rags instead of paper towels for clean-ups. Similarly, use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. They’re not only eco-friendly but also more attractive. Switch your household cleaners to products that are environmentally friendly. Green cleaning products are those that have no phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances or colors, and come in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Consider using bamboo charcoal air purifiers too. They’re a terrific way to get rid of pollen, dust, dander, and allergens. More importantly, they do not require electricity or energy to run.

Being environmentally friendly at home does not need to be a giant momentous move. You can start by applying these little steps, and then constantly add more. Make it a lifestyle: it’s not only favorable for the planet, but it will also bring you improvements to your own health.


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